What is freedom dressage?

Freedom dressage is a part of the equestrian sport which in recent years has been significantly rising.
A few years ago it was difficult to find information about this type of dressage, nowadays, more and more websites, blogs and forums show up where you can go to with all your questions in this area.
There are also several events where you can see shows and buy items to strart freedom dressage with you own horse.

Freedom dressage briefly explained: The word says it all; dressage at liberty.
Originally, it all starts at the circus where the horses performed several tricks for the crowd.
Nowadays it is more a collective name for all small, large and crazy tricks that you can let your horse do on command.
Giving a kiss to sit all exercises have in common that they come from the natural behavior of the horse.
The nice thing is that every horse can learn these tricks. From young to old and from mini to maxi. One learns quickly and the other needs some extra patience and explanation. The tricks are usually learned on the ground next to the horse.
It is of course also possible to apply different exercises riding the horse.

Why would you start freedom dressage?

This can have several reasons:
To give the horse some variety.
The horse is too small to ride (minis).
The horse has an injury so he temporarily or completely can't be ridden.
The human has an injury or no ambition to ride on the horse.
To make the muscles of the horse flexible.

And it is just plain fun!


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