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  • Freedom dressage block Basic
    Freedom dressage block Basic

    Liberty Dressage and Horse Agility: Discover the benefits of the Basic Block.

    For those embarking on the captivating world of liberty dressage and horse agility, our Basic Block is the perfect choice. Standing at a height of 30…

    € 124,99
  • Freedom dressage block Square
    Freedom dressage block Square

    !! Products marked as "Sold Out/Out of Stock" CAN still be ordered. The Square Block is the perfect all-around block with a large platform for the horse to stand on. This liberty dressage block stands at 30 centimeters high with a…

    € 179,99

In this category, you will find various models from our own production line of liberty dressage blocks. A liberty dressage block from Pasablo is crafted with utmost care. Our blocks are both glued and screwed to enhance their strength. Every Pasablo VD block is finished with an impregnated layer and a rubber anti-slip mat on top. We've also considered the weight of the liberty dressage blocks. Each block is designed to be easily lifted by one person and does not exceed 15 kilos, applicable to our standard sizes. ** Horses that kick or sweep with their legs can damage the blocks quickly. This, of course, is quite unfortunate, so always guide your horse properly and allow it to step onto the block calmly. This way, you can prevent severe damage and enjoy your block for years to come.

Our Balance boards/Wipwaps are crafted with the same level of care. The largest model weighs around 25 kilos, making it still manageable to move and lift. This is rather unique for a product that can support a horse weighing up to 900 kilos (if you opt for customization, even greater weight is possible). The complete anti-slip top layer provides the horse with assurance and confidence. This type of rubber is also used in horse trailers and washing areas, making it horseproof. This doesn't mean it's indestructible, but it remains significantly slip-resistant.

Our products can be utilized in various equestrian disciplines. These include Natural Horsemanship, Horse Agility, Working Equitation, and Western riding. Of course, the wipwaps and blocks are also suitable (and perhaps they cater to the largest user group) for recreational purposes. Liberty dressage, balance exercises, brain training, and muscle workouts - the possibilities are vast.

We also offer products tailor-made to your preferences. Whether you need the pedestal to be larger, smaller, or just a bit different, we can accommodate. When you opt for a custom-sized block or wipwap, the weight will, of course, vary based on the dimensions you choose. If you're interested in a custom-made product, please check out the customization option and send us a message detailing the design you have in mind for your unique piece.

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